Still Movin

On Tuesday at 12 in the afternoon I rang the doorbell on a pretty house which I went to move with a friend of Isaiah who was from Poland for the Summer. A guy came to the door who looked like he just rolled out of bed and slid down the stairs. Thankfully he remembered that he did ask some movers to come to help him otherwise that would have been quite a long drive for nothing. After he realized why we were there he went to wake his girlfriend up to tell her that we were ready to move them in. Before he went upstairs though he turned around and told us to be careful opening the door on the truck so everything doesn’t fall out….He wasn’t joking….Basically there was no rhyme or reason for the packing, everything was just shoved in there. The girl then told me as we were unloading everything to watch out for the four glass table tops and mirrors in the middle of the track… *sigh* at least they were not broken at all. What a great place to store the glass :). It turned out to be a very nice move, no tips, but still nice people and the work wasn’t too overbearing. Well, there was one piece, they decided they wanted the treadmill in the basement…so I was like, sure of course were here to help. That treadmill was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo heavy, it was like solid metal 🙂 We could barely get it over the two garage stairs I don’t know how we would have got it into the basement. The conclusion was to just leave it in the garage and use their warranty to have the guys take it apart and bring it downstairs in pieces.

The bigger blessing was that I was able to talk to Isaiah’s friend and invite him to church. He said that he may just come and Isaiah told me later that they are planning on doing a Bible Study. I’m hoping that the invitation will get him to try it out. He told me he goes to a Catholic church in Poland. He’s a very nice guy, please pray for him. Thanks for reading my blessing blog today! Keep looking for the blessings which God has given you and Thank the Lord for them!