Student Recital

Yesterday I took my students to Regency Retirement Home to play for the residents as a sort of recital. It seemed to come really fast and, I have to say, came faster than I was ready for. 🙂 But all of my students worked really hard and pulled it off so well!

Originally we were going to have the recital in the large formal dining room immediately following dinner.  I thought it was perfect, only maybe a little intimidating for the students since it’s such a large space.  When we got there, I saw they had moved the grand piano into one of the side social rooms! It was such a cozy space and just a lovely setup! I am not exaggerating when I say it was standing room only.  Not only were friends and family of the students there, but there were probably 30-40 residents! Most of the family stood in the back allowing room for the older folks to sit and listen. So kind of them. 🙂

The folks at Regency just LOVED listening to the kids play!  After each piece there were loud exclamations of joy and ardent clapping. When it was over they all filed by giving their thanks and appreciation to the kids for their lovely playing.  After seeing what a blessing it was to these older folks and how it made their day, I just can’t see myself going back to a formal recital like we’ve had before.  Why keep the music to ourselves?! I love the idea of sharing with others who can’t get out to hear it.  Not to mention the encouragement it was to the students to have their music appreciated so much.

All in all, it was such a lovely experience.  Yes, I was nervous. I have discovered that I get more nervous as the teacher than as a student at my own recitals.  It’s definitely a whole new perspective!  But this is not the last time I will experience this nervousness. I look forward to many more recitals in the future!!
Sad to see one of my students, Jazmyne, leaving. It’s been so much fun to teach her!
Warming up beforehand.