Student Sues Over Religion

While reading on I came across this article telling of a Georgia grad. Student who is suing her University.  Why is she doing this?  Jennifer Keeton, a christian, stands very strongly on her views against homosexuality.  She makes her views well known not only outside but inside the class room as well.  Keeton has been pursuing a Masters degree in school counseling and has now been told that she will be dismissed due to her discriminatory views unless she changes what she believes. 

Keeton says that she believes that sexual behavior is the “result of accountable personal choice rather than inevitability deriving from deterministic forces”. 

My question is: how can a University force a student to change their beliefs on the grounds of dismissal?!?  ( For more on this story, click link below.)
Student Sues Over Religion

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  1. That’s such a sad state of what our world is coming to and what has become of America’s public education system. I wonder what Bro. Briney’s thoughts would be?

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