I just had to share with you something exciting in my day!  Today I had three of my students coming for lessons.  I LOVE teaching and each student is special to me.  At the end of this month I am putting on a recital for my five students as well as a few others in the church who play the piano but don’t have opportunities to play in recitals.   Nine of us total.  It will be a smaller recital, but for most of these kids, this is their first recital!  I am SO excited for them! One of my students has been really struggling with his song.  He’s been working on it since last summer!  And it just hadn’t clicked yet.  Today, he came in, sat down, and played straight through his song with NO mistakes!!!!  I couldn’t stop smiling as he played through his song, his feeling of success showing through the smile on his face. I was SO proud of him!  It was a relief to me, since the recital is next week.  There’s nothing like the feeling a teacher has when her student finally grasps a concept or a song.  It’s not only success for the student, but for the teacher!  Anyway, that just made my day.  I’m off to get ready for dinner with a few friends…

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