Take Action

The blessing I want to share with you is that God cares for us enough to not leave us as we are, but work on us to conform us into his image. I am reading a book called, “God tells the Man who Cares”. I have just started it, but already God has been speaking to me through it. There is a quote I got from the book which I would like to share with you. It goes, “God has NOTHING to say to frivolous men”. God has been working on me recently that I need to take more action in my spiritual life. It is so easy to find little things that waste time on or settle for standard. But I do seriously want to be used of God. However just like any other project. I/YOU MUST CARRY THE CROSS. Action is required….. dont settle for a so-called “standard” Christian life. Invest all your talents for God so that you will be greatly rewarded by him. Take Action. Just like starting a business you won’t succeed if you settle for the standard you need to be better than your competition. They that run in a race all run, but one recieveth the prize. So run that ye may obtain.