Thailand Pictures 2

Heading to the market to grab some dinner…

 There is sooooo much to see at the market! Lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat.

 Waiting for some delicious Rotee but the lady never showed up.

 So we went somewhere else. 

 Pookie was urging me to take pictures… I did! hehe

 They have very many 7-Elevens.  A little different from ours though.

 More of the market.  It goes on for quite a ways.

 Delicious Thai dinner of chicken and sticky rice with sweet chili sauce.  Cost: 38 baht= $1.25~

 Delicious Rotee!!  Mmm…..I want more. LOL

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  1. I’m so happy for you, dear! You’re such a sweetie, & what a blessing for you to have this experience! May God bless your service for Him in Thailand. Definitely looking forward to your updates!

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