Thailand Update & Pictures

So I haven’t really said a lot on here about how my time has been here so far in Chiang Mai.  I think I’ve adjusted pretty well.  My sleep schedule is about normal and I am very glad. I have to fight the urge to get up at 6am to chat with family is friends because I know the sleep is needed.  I have been eating Thai food pretty much the whole time I have been here and I don’t think my stomach is very happy about that.  It’s just now starting to hit me so tonight I cooked my own meal.  The Thai food tastes very good it’s just so different from what I’m used to.  Tonight I made spaghetti with salad and rolls.  The spaghetti was out of a can (hey I’m just cookin for me and I didn’t feel like making a huge pot. LOL) and I have to say it wasn’t the greatest.  Still trying to figure out what brands are good without paying and arm and a leg for imported stuff.  But it was a needed change for my digestive system.  In the states I was not really fond of Thai food but I have learned to like it here.  Good thing, huh? 🙂

I’ve enjoyed working in the office and I’ve spent my time there working on the Good and Evil project.  The Good and Evil book is like a comic book illustrating the gospel starting from Genesis.  It’s been a great evangelistic tool over the years and it’s now being translated into MANY different languages.  So far, I’ve worked a little bit in Russian, Tagalog, Catalan, and Kyrgyz. Not translating of course, just putting the translation into the format of the comic.  Very fun to do!

I’ve also started teaching an English class at the church.  This past Sunday was my first time and it wasn’t that great.  1) I didn’t really know what I was doing. 2) The program wasn’t really working so I had to use something else.  3) I didn’t have any time to prepare a lesson so I was pretty much winging it.  Through all of this I had a good time getting to know the students. This next time should be much better.

I’ve attended two services at Wiangping Baptist Church with Pookie, my roommate and office manager.  Even though I have no idea what they are saying, it’s been a huge blessing to me! The people are so sweet and the fellowship is enjoyable.  Last night I was able to play the piano for the service and I thoroughly enjoyed that.  I’m glad music is universal.  You don’t have to know another language for that.

Speaking of language and the lack of knowledge 🙂  Pookie started teaching me Thai tonight.  Whew! Not very easy to pronounce some of those things. LOL but at the end there was more laughing than anything. hahaha good times.  I look forward to attempting to use some of these words and phrases in the days to come.  We’ll see!!

Well now I will post some pictures.  Enjoy!

Gracie Lange with Mulan

Working on the Good and Evil project. (Pardon the shiny face. LOL)

Cute little gecko outside the house. It’s hard to tell how tiny it was by this picture but it was so cute!

The Girls House

Wiangping Baptist Church

Beautiful Plumeria Flowers

Another beautiful (mystery?) flower.

My new favorite drink.  It’s like a white tea with fruit. YUM!