That One Thing!


Have you ever had something that needed to be done around your house where you were convinced if it were done the entire place would look better?! Maybe a blank wall in need of a picture, a room to be painted, or in our case, the hedges surrounding our house that needed to be trimmed! I’ll admit, I haven’t spent as much time on the yard this year as I would have liked.  Something about getting married in June and renovating the inside! But…that is no longer a valid excuse, so next year we plan to tackle the outdoors and give the property a pretty little facelift. (I have to clarify here that the property doesn’t look bad. The major things that need to be done are cleaning out the pool and adding color by way of flowers.) If you don’t already know, I really enjoy gardening so I’m looking forward to next year when I can make the flowerbeds what they have so much potential to be!

But now I’m straying from the one thing I purposed to write about….those hedges! And we do have a lot of them. If you view our property as a square, the hedges take up two lines in that square. When we moved in they already needed a severe pruning (which has to be done every five years or so) and we knew we would be doing that in the fall. We didn’t bother to take on the enormous job of trimming the 7+ ft. hedges since we knew they’d be cut down to 5′ and would be much easier to handle. Sooo…they got a little wild. It became a thing where every time I drove up into the driveway I thought, “Ooooo I can’t wait for those hedges to be trimmed!”

While I was away in Washington, Benjamin called Mr. Langan to take a look and see if he would be willing to take on the job…and he did! On the day he was to arrive, Benjamin and I piled on the warm clothes and prepared to help with the cleanup as he trimmed. We made quite the team! The hedges are now beautifully trimmed and when I see them, I smile. It’s as if our property has been transformed just by finishing that job! 🙂

And by the way…there are hushed whispers floating around regarding before and after pictures of our house…stay tuned!

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