The Autobiography of George Muller

The life of George Muller is an absolutely amazing story of how the Lord can do amazing miraculous things for a many who is surrendered to His leading. I bought this book also from the library of Tremendous Jones and I soaked this book as water. I SERIOUSLY recommend that you purchase this book because it will change your life. Tremendous Jones talked about this book and told me and my friends not to waste our time on biographies which is someone else telling you about someones life, but to rather go to the source. When you read an autobiography the writer shares their struggles, their passions and the reasons they made the choices they did and they don’t speculate on those areas.

Listen to this excerpt from this fabulous book, “This is the primary reason for establishing the orphan house. I certainly desire to be used by God to help the poor children and train them in the ways of God. But the primary object of the work is that God would be magnified becasue the orphans under my care will be provided with all they need through prayer and faith. Everyone will see that God is faithful and hears prayer.”

When I read this book I had a difficult time putting it down, because the book flowed from one story right into another of how God continually answered this mans prayer. The conclusion though is that God isn’t only George Mullers Father, but that God hears the prayers of all his children and his more than capable and willing to answer each prayer.