The Big #100!!!!

It’s the time to celebrate again, I have reached my #100 blog. I honestly never thought I would get this far. It took me awhile to start my blog at first because I do not like to start projects that I may not finish, it really annoys me. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to keep up with posting, I’ve found it quite fun to hear that other people actually enjoy hearing what I write about. It makes me  HAPPY =) ! I try to be cheerful as much as I can and when I get down, I have to remind myself to smile again. It makes a world of difference when I look at the bright things God has done for me.

I just checked the statistics of the current stats of the population of China. There are 1,330,044,605 people!!!! Okay, your probably like wow that was random, well, your right

Oh, actually I looked that statistic up because I couldn’t believe how many people voted this past election. The popular vote just kept getting higher and higher for both canidates. I found that that America has about 303 million people, and I knew China had the most, but wow I was really amazed by how large it truly was.

Well everyone, I must go to bed…. Last night there was a rat in my house, and unfortunately it is still alive. Last night I laid in bed and listned to it run around on the kitchen floor above my head longing for the beautiful sound of **SNAP** ………………… hehe. That sound never came, so tonight my dad upgraded to two traps. Since our house is still under construction there are so many places that a little varmit could easily wiggle it’s way in 🙁

Have a Good Night and Thanks for Reading!


P.S. It gave us a good opportunity to get rid of some moldy cheese, lol… My opinion is that, hey McDonald’s gives us bad fast food, why should we give our mice any better “fastfood” =) haha