The Bloomsburg Trip

Hey Everyone, I’m back from the Trip. It was truly a great blessing to have preached at the church in Bloomsburg. The people were so friendly to us. We (Mr. Anger, Sarah, my sister Nina and I) left at 7:30 this morning to Bloomsburg. The trip there was almost 2 hours. The kids were great for Sunday School. I just love working with little kids they are so fun. I was able to teach them the Naaman song and even the three, ten year old boys loved it. We have a fun afternoon of going out to eat “Chinese food” then sleeping on the church pews, practicing songs and reading. It was great. I was able to then preach the evening message.

I feel so privileged that the Lord gave me this opportunity to preach plus a great afternoon of singing and all. God is so Great. Its amazing how many things there are to be thankful for. My main thing that I’m thankful for today is the privilege to preach God’s Word.

Have a Great Day Everyone!