The Cat and the Mouse

Blessing: My Salvation

Today on my way back from Pottsville visiting my relatives I was thinking that the biggest blessing to post on a day such as Easter would be my salvation. I was contemplating this morning the verse which says that we are made a “new creature” and that all things are become new. Sometimes the thought comes in my mind that I do not have a dramatic story like others which makes it extremely evident on the outside of having become a “new creature” and at times I think my story isn’t that exciting. But, then as I thought about it I became excited because I know how strong the flesh is inside of me and I know the times which I fall into sin, I began to image in my mind…If I had absolutely no resistance to sin in my life, if the Holy Spirit was not living in me, where would I be. I thought about the many teens I’ve seen who have grown up with me, those that were older than me, those that are younger than me who grew up hearing the same messages and they “went out from us”. That stuck out to me…LOOK HOW GOD HAS WORKED IN ME. If it were not for God saving me and directing me I would living a life with no regard to holiness. I would be living to fulfill my fleshly desires storing up wrath for the day of judgment. I am a testimony of what God can do with a person inspite of the wicked flesh which daily fights.

Now to the story of the Cat and Mouse….As my Dad was winding his way around the backroads of Macungie tonight, a cat darted out not far in front of us. It was still a little distance so my Dad didn’t hit the break immediately because we wouldn’t have hit it. But, the cat all of sudden started running back, then in a circle. The cat was trying to catch a mouse, my dad hit the breaks and once the cat saw the danger it seemed to look at the mouse, think about it, then run off the road, the mouse ran the opposite way. Both were safe…. Please take a look at this in a spiritual aspect. We are as the cat chasing the mouse (the world) the danger is quickly approaching and for some of us we see the danger, look at the mouse/danger , decide its not worthwhile and jump out of the way of the approaching destruction. For some they see the danger, and pursue the mouse and get maimed… These are those that get saved after having been with the world, they carry the bruises with them for the rest of their life. Some pursue the world and die in their pursuit. These are those that never get right with God. PLEASE LISTEN … when you see the headlights of God’s law bearing down at you; Take it seriously…leave sin and its consequences behind and choose life. Though it is said that a cat has nine lives….You don’t…if you pursue and get hit, the consequences can’t be altered.

I want to use this illustration in a message sometime 🙂 I hope it was a challenge to you all…..