The Day of Death and Life

September 11, 2001

A day which I will never forget. Tears easily came to the eyes of
nearly everyone in my school. It was not the loss of the buildings
which concerned me, but the startling realization that as I stood
there with my other classmates watching the TV screen, thousands of
people were dying right in front of me and I could do nothing. The
thought ran through my mind that many of those people were leaping
from the building into the very pit of hell and some screaming from
flames which they would be engulfed in for all eternity. The thought
was as putting a heavy weight in my heart and it tied my throat in
knots. That day brought death to many. As I walked through that school
seven years ago I was reminded how merciful God. It had only been one
year ago on that day I had trusted Christ as my Savior and was given
the verdict, guilty… But forgiven. To me September 11 is a day of
great significance to me… It is one of joy and sorrow, it is a day
of rememberence.

Everyday people could face death or life. There are people all around
you every day that someday will experience a day of life or death. As
you watch some videos of 9/11 cry to God to forgive you of living your
life when others will face death. Cry to God for a burden to reach
someone before they jump into hell. You don’t know what a day could
bring forth. Remember that people all around our dying physically and
on that day they will experience life or death. Picture that World
Trade Centers.

Maybe a better question is this, what day did you experience life?
Have you been forgiven by God or you still guilty and facing the
judgment of Gods hand to slam the gavel down on your punishment.
Unless you have a mediator that has taken your place you will stand on
your own two feet and will have nothing to take hold of to save
yourself, nothing to keep off the flames of wrath, therr is nothing of
your own, there is nothing have ever done, there is nothing you can do
to induce God to spare you one moment.

Be serious, will you experience life or death?