The Eagle Has Landed!

After much anticipation, Dad is now home. After so many times of engines breaking, oil slicks, propellers breaking, etc. he’s finally made it back six days after the expected time. However, God’s timing is perfect and He had a reason for it. We are just glad he’s back at home safe and sound. His plane got in an hour and a half early today and we were very grateful for that! It enabled us to make it to church tonight, for which I was greatly relieved! Thank you all for praying while he was gone, and also for his safe return.

Waiting for his plane to taxi over.

There he is! Just waiting for them to stop and let them out.

A happy reunion.

3 Comments on “The Eagle Has Landed!”

  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I’m sooo happy for y’all. Cody said to ask him, “What took him so long???” hahaha. From one Navy man to another.

    Love ya,

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