The End…..Almost!

The quarter is coming to an end. That means that the school year is coming to an end! *insert huge smile here* It’s neat to look back throughout the year and see what I’ve learned! I praise God for allowing me to go to school and get an education in something that I love dearly, in something that can be used to glorify Him. I hope He’ll continue to show me ways I can do just that.

Next week: Recital, Choir Concert, preparing for finals and…..
The next week: FINALS!

Piano lab at school.

Sage wisdom from Dove…. 🙂

Many a cup of Starbucks have accompanied me to school this quarter. 🙂

I’ll be so happy when I can settle back into my “free from school” routine: House work, church print shop, baking, etc. AND when I can actually think about all my summer plans and let myself get excited about them. 🙂 I’m looking forward to all the different events and how the Lord might use them in my life to grow me closer to Him.

What do YOU have planned for the summer?

4 Comments on “The End…..Almost!”

  1. I wish you the best with finals!…Complete a forgotten denium skirt and make two brand new cotton skirts is the plan. Lol. We’ll see how far I actually go with it.

  2. Congratulations! You’re finally coming to an end! lol I can’t wait until next May when I’ll be done! Then it’s two more semesters for Music! (Count on several calls from me for help lol) This summer I hope to find a good job, then be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding! 🙂

  3. @ Jackie – Alyssa is so sleep deprived she can’t help drink Starbucks.

    @ Alyssa – So glad you are down to the last week. I know you are going to enjoy your summer break, that is for sure!

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