The Highland Games

Each year, the Skagit Valley hosts the Highland Games, a festival put on by the Celtic Arts Foundation. Featuring various traditional games (such as stone throwing, hay tossing, etc.), bagpipe competitions, and clan pride, the kilts seem commonplace! If you are of Scottish or Irish heritage, you are likely to find a tent with your clan’s name bannered proudly at the front. Vendors selling their wares are scattered throughout, but these aren’t your usual fair vendors. Not only will you find curly fries and root beer floats, you’ll find haggis and meat pies. Along with “I love Ireland” t-shirts, you’ll see kilts, swords, daggers, celtic jewelry, and an array of traditional apparel. Quite intriguing!

Josh and I spent some time wandering around, observing some dancers and musicians, choking down some Haggis for the first time, and cheering on some of the athletes. And after several days of rain and thunderstorms, we were blessed with a beautiful blue sky. 🙂  It was definitely a splendid day!