The Home God Picked

After months of searching the Lord has provided Alyssa and I with an absolutely amazing house in a location I was praying for. There are some very special details I would like to share with you and I hope you will be able to rejoice with me in the goodness of God. I simply am humbled at how the Lord has directed my life so specifically, as I was talking with one of my friends about the goodness of God in my life in bringing me to Alyssa and giving me this house I was brought to tears as I thought about what kind of Father, Friend, and Savior I have in Christ.

Alyssa and I have been praying for a house for awhile and each of us were doing our research on every property that came on the market which matched our criteria. Each house possibility I visited I walked away simply not feeling the confidence from God on that decision. Believe me, my mind was spinning with ideas of what could be done with the houses I checked out, but God didn’t give me peace on any of them.
When I returned from my  December visit with Alyssa I stopped by a house on the way back from the airport with my Mom to look at the neighborhood of a house which I had my eye on for a few weeks, but was hoping the price would drop because it was more than I wanted to pay. I really loved the location and what I saw on the outside, but I was disappointed with the price, so I figured I would wait till Christmas over and continue to pray that if God wanted me to have this house that he would keep it available and cause the person to decide to lower the price.i hadn’t even seen the inside of the house, but something told me that it was the place.
Well, after Christmas was over I decided that it was time to call Steve, my realtor, and ask about the property and get a walk-through, but to my dismay he told me the house was in settlement and would be closing soon. I was very very disappointed inside myself because I was sure that it was the place, but I resolved that it must have not been Gods will and I would go on waiting upon Him to lead the way.
Pastor Doug was back from Botswana and preached a message the following Sunday of the Friday I called Steve and his message was on the peace of God and trusting in Him. At least, that was the message  which God seemed to be reiterating to me and when I went home I wrote an email to Alyssa and told her that I want to see God work in bringing the house to us just as I had seen Gods hand in bringing her to me… It makes life so much more special when you see God work and not your own skilled manipulation. My letter to her was fairly lengthy and I got on my knees at the same chair which I prayed for a path to be opened to visit Alyssa and just as God performed a miracle and opened a door for me to go to Washington the following day God did the same thing on Monday.
Monday night we were eating supper and after we were finished my dad was on the computer in the other room and excitedly exclaimed, “That house is back on the market!” My heart I truly believe skipped a beat and instantly my mind sparked with the realization that this wasn’t a happen chance. I immediately texted Steve and his response to me was simply amazed because he had just told me about 3 days earlier that it was a closed case. After Steve researched it he discovered the house returned to the market because of some unexpected financial trials by the buyer through which he couldn’t proceed with the sale.
Price negotiations began and God swung open the door to allow me to settle two days before I was scheduled to fly to Washington to see my Love. I’m now on the plane soaring through the sky to see Alyssa and together begin making one of many visits to Home Depot for some needed remodeling inside.
“Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him;
and he shall bring it to pass. “
Psalm 37:5
The Backyard of our New House