The Hurried Haircut

Hey there, got a blessing to share with you all, or rather ya’ll for those in Florida :). I was really wanting to get my hair(s) cut today and I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it to Dave Smiths and then to the basketball game with Titus in time. I had just enough time to leave for Dave’s and if there was one person there I would have to go on and then get my haircut next week since I will be leaving for Pottsville tomorrow to be with my relatives. So, when Titus and I left I prayed that there would not be a single person at the place so I could get in and out….To be honest I had a hard time asking that because I thought surely being the Friday before Easter this place will be swamped with guys getting a haircut before the weekend. But, would you believe it, not a person was there and when I talked to Mr. Smith he said that it had been that way almost the whole evening. I was really excited not only did I get my haircut, but I got a blessing to share with ya’ll too!

The other blessing is that the alumni won the basketball game 🙂 hehe . Even though I’m definitely no expert at basketball I still love to play the game.

Have a Great Easter Everyone! The Lord’s Resurrections is one of the Greatest Blessings which I can share with everyone!