The Missing Munchkins

Some people think it weird that I use the word munchkins to refer to my little brother and his sidekicks. Well, I think that’s what they are, mischievous munchkins. Last night one my family brought one of Hudson’s friends over to the house because we needed to watch him till church because his mother was at work. The boys were having a great time together. We had supper and then it was time to leave so my dad told the boys to meet us in the van because we were all going to ride together to church, so the boys did what they were supposed to and got in the van. Meanwhile, Nina and Selena needed to leave early for church and Titus hopped in with them in one of the cars. Since my parents and I didn’t see who got in the car we just assumed that everybody else was with them and so we took the other car to conserve gas and left for church.

As you guessed the two boys/munchkins were still in the car, they were probably playing around so they didn’t even notice everyone left. My parents noticed though that both Johnny and Hudson weren’t in the King’s Kid’s group that was singing that night, which was odd. =) My dad went back to go find them and obviously none of the teachers had saw him…. My dad quickly drove back home and found them 🙂 Thankfully Hudson remembered the garage code so they were able to get back into the house. I think they had a good time even though they got left behind 🙂

So my blessing for this blog is for the little munchkins and that they were safe. =)

Enjoy your Day!