The New Mower Man

It’s time for the wonderful position of lawn mowing to soon be passed
off to my next brother in line. I think my dad specifially planned to
have us boys separated by seven years so he has someone to always
excitedly do this job. Hudson is eight years old and Titus took Hudson
for his first try at steering the tractor wheel and using the gas.
Obviously isn’t completely ready to drive yet, but he can’t wait to
cut the lawn on Saturday with my Dad. While I was driving all the kids
Hudson looked out the window and saw a guy mowing his lawn, Hudson
dissapointedly exclaimed, “Thats not fair that he gets to mow his lawn
today and we can’t cut ours yet”

Needless to say he is pretty excited about it. If you don’t believe me
ask him about at church, I’m almost positive he talk your ear off
about it 🙂

So that’s my blessing for today, its funny to think that I was once
that young happily excited to mow the grass 🙂 Its great to see my
brothers get excited and do it now. Have a Great Day!