The Powerlessness of Popularity

As the election goes on you can see the politicians running around to become popular. They are desperate to get as many Americans as they can on their side. Popularity in mans eyes however is not what will get them God’s blessings. As I was studying Mordecai I came across this lesson because it is amazing how that Mordecai went from being a marked man for the hit man Haman to become the most feared man in the kingdom (Esther 9:3). The way he obtained that position was absolutely not from getting popularity votes, but from simply obeying the Lord. He refused to bow down to anything but God and in so doing obeyed the second commandment and likewise the first. He made the choice to stay away from the appearance of evil. Though Haman had popularity by the tail, the Lord stripped it away in literally a few seconds. Before Haman knew it he was stripped of his position and hung on his own gallows. Similar stories of this truth can be learned from the story of Daniel and his being taken from the lions den to popularity, and also with the three hebrew boys when they were thrown into the fiery furnace. God raises up those that are faithful to him.

Popularity is nothing if you are not popular with God 🙂