The Prolonged Package

An Event which happened this Saturday (May 3rd 2008)

After much laboring, digging, pouring stones and burning rubber the FedEx man laid out his options to the man as he delivered the simple package. A package delivery which was supposed to take only a minute or two now was up to forty five minutes. He had successfully dug his tires about a half a foot into the mud and dirt and now the large truck sat idly in our neighbors front lawn. They wondered if they should call a tow truck, but sometimes tow trucks take forever to arrive. The FedEx man remembered that my mother had given him a tract about salvation before and he thought to himself, if somebody could help him out of his predicament, we would. With that thought in mind the FedEx man made his way through the pine trees and over to our front door and asked us for help. We hopped up from the supper table and agreed that we would see what we could do since he said he was only stuck a little. Well, as I mentioned in the beginning of the blog, this guy was STUCK. I’ve been able to push a van before and rock it, but when me, my brother, my Dad, our neighbor and the FedEx assistant began to push that truck it wouldn’t even rock, that truck was going absolutely now where fast.

By this time, the FedEx guy was probably there for an hour. I remembered our other neighbor had a strong truck and a chain. I gave him a call and he came right over with his F-350 and pulled that FedEx truck out like pushing butter across glass. Black smoke blew from the dirt as the truck was pulled out. The FedEx guy was sooooo thankful to the both of us.

Just think, this may be an opportunity which this guy will be interested in salvation. He specifically told us that he came over because he knew we had given him the pamphlet. I don’t know what the guys name is, but just pray that the FedEx guy gets saved. God will know who he is…What a blessing!!!


P.S. In case you didn’t here my blessing from the Preachers Conference I will post it in tomorrows blog. It was a blessing to the folks at church and I hope that it will encourage you spiritually as well!