The Revealing

Ok all you blog readers.  Blogger has this wonderful feature called “Stats”.  Through this little gadget I’ve noticed a lot of people reading my blog!  Now, for all you that clicked the little button that says “follow”, I know YOU read my blog.  Right now I am giving the opportunity for alllllll you other readers to reveal yourselves.  I’m so curious!  Don’t be shy now….:-)

7 Comments on “The Revealing”

  1. I don’t read….I just stumbled across this blog today…hmm..interesting…but I also heard you have this really great friend named “Maggie” who is super cool…interesting we have the same name! *smile*

  2. So I decided to click on the little map on your sidebar, and see where all people read your blog from as well. Funny thing I noticed was that Mozambique is 2nd only to the United States in number of visits. Interesting, wonder who that could be??? 😀 In case you didn’t know this yet, I soooo enjoy your blog!!!! Keep up the good work.

    Love ya,

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