The Sweetheart’s Banquet- 2011

Ok so I’ve tried writing this post several times and have given up each time due to photos failing to upload. But SOMEone…I won’t mention any names (it just so happens to start with a “K” and end with an “Ali”) was pestering me about posting. 🙂 So… you are- K…..Ali.

The theme this year was “Dinner Theatre”. It had nothing at all to do with the church’s theme (that’s what we normally do) but we thought we would step out of the box and try to go different. And we did just that! While there are certainly some things I think we should change for next year, I thought the night was a huge success!! Everyone stayed on their toes and by the time the night arrived, we had more help than we knew what to do with! That’s a good problem to have. We had folks plating the food, taking pictures, refilling drinks, and being temporary Baristas (baristos? They were guys.) as they pushed the coffee cart around the room. The entertainment was not only fun but it was spiritually encouraging.

For food we served Swedish Meatballs with rice, salad and rolls. Delicious!! Dessert included individual “table tortes”. Tiramisu Toffee Tortes to be exact. Mmmm…….Ok it’s too late at night to be this hungry! Moving on….the entertainment. Levi did a recitation from Song of Solomon, Isaiah and I did the skit, Nicki and Anna sang, and Joel and Josh quoted 1 Cor. 13. From what I’ve heard, the couples all greatly enjoyed themselves. That was the goal! I am SO glad that we could, once again, be used of the Lord to serve the couples in our church. Looking forward to being on the “couple” side of things, but for now I am having a great time spoiling them. 🙂 As usual, a LOT of work went on ahead of time with the planning, shopping and prep, but in the end it’s always worth it. Looking forward to next year’s banquet!
(I wanted to add more/better photos, but for some reason the photos from Deborah’s camera won’t upload and she was the photographer for the evening. That’s a shame because they are great!)
SPGs giving our hearts to God. 🙂
SPGs 2011
Playing around with the props.
Josh and Joel reciting 1 Cor. 13