The Weekend

Yesterday (Saturday) was a really fun “girls” day. 🙂 We went to a mexican restaurant for lunch and it was so delicious!! From there we headed to the fish spa. whew! What do I mean by fish spa? I will let the pictures speak for themselves here in a bit.  😀  Then we went to the night bazaar. This was SUCH a cool place! It just kept going….and going….and going. It would have taken forever to see everything.  But there was a lot of neat stuff and I found some treasures. Then we headed for a Thai massage.  Now get this…..the massage included: Head, back, shoulders, calf & feet, arms & hands for about an hour.  How much was this? $6!!!! Yeah…you read that right.  A mere $6.  *contended sigh* that won’t be the last time I see that place. 🙂  The night ended just right with some awesome Rotee and Starbucks. mmmm

Today was a really great day too!  I was able to chat with all my fellow SPGs as they partied without me. haha just kidding. But it was really fun to do a video chat and to see everyone again.  Church was also really great!  I’ve pretty much become the main pianist and I don’t mind. I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of the order of service and such. I still have to look at Pookie to tell me when we’re done singing else I would be sitting up there forever! hahaha The English class also went really well.  Two students today.  I was a little concerned because Pookie wasn’t going to be able to translate for me today, but I thought that it went really well! Yesterday was Bro. Man’s birthday (he’s the PiT here) so we celebrated after church with some cake. 

For those of you who were praying for the elections here in Thailand, it turns out that the candidate for the red shirts did indeed win the seat for Prime Minister.  With her in office we’re not really sure what will happen.  Hopefully there won’t be much unrest on the side of the yellow shirts.  And also praying that with them in power there won’t be any violence or anything. We’ll see.  Whoever is in power is in the Lord’s hands.

Well, here are some pictures to tidy up this post. Enjoy!

WARNING:  If you don’t like feet…..brace yourself. :-p

We couldn’t stop giggling. It was sooo ticklish!

This little boy was so cute.  He was fascinated by the fish on our feet. hahaha


Ahhhh……just got a foot massage.  I don’t know what the dealio was with pampering our feet yesterday but it sure was nice.

The group today celebrating Bro. Man’s birthday.  Bro Man is front and center with his wife, Yaa.