The Works of God

This past Sunday Pastor covered in his message the popular question, “Why do bad things happen to good people.” This can be a hard question to answer a person who is grieving after a tragedy has harmed someone who they cared deeply about…. Pastor had good answers for that question and I couldn’t remember if he covered another answer which I just uncovered in my devotions. It’s not an uncommon answer, but I think it could be good answer/verse for Christian who is wondering why a tragedy has befallen them.

The verse is John 9:3 says, “Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.” This man was born blind, this blindness wasn’t just a recently acquired problem, but was a thorn in his flesh for his entire life until this point. Most likely his parents were quite grieved when this situation arrived. However, this tragedy in his life turned out to be an amazing miracle which if it were not from the blindness he would never have witnessed first hand.

This mans life became a manifestation of a miraculous work of God in his life. When people from around the town saw him they would no longer recognize him as the “sinful” man begging for alms, but would glorify God because of the amazing miracle. All of the normal people of that town would never experience something as great as he experienced.

When I think of a hard situation I think of what Josiah and Tiffany Kuenzi have to face with taking care of Dillon. Though Jesus doesn’t physically walk through our streets healing people today, I think we can biblically pray that the “works of God” would be manifest in Dillon’s life. It may not be healing, but God can still manifest his power through their lives. If you don’t know who Dillon Kuenzi is you can read about him through his mothers blog at Josiah and Tiffany have already had some great opportunities to reach out with their testimony tracks and such. I Thank the Lord for the Kuenzi Family, they have been a godly Example of how to turn something which seems to be bad into an opportunity to bring God glory!!!

In conclusion, remember this, sometimes bad things may come up in order for us have the privilege of manifesting the works of God. We need to change our perception.

Keep Living for God Everyone 😀