There is a Reason

Today has been….”One of those days”. I have three clients i’m working with right now and I needed to get one of the packages out and overnighted today. The post office closes at 5. I got there at 4:50 while burning a DVD on the road. It was not my choice to be that late, but my computer seems to be getting slower on me as of recently. It really needs to be formated, but I just don’t have the time right now. But, thats beside the fact. As I was driving to the Macungie post office I was praying asking God why it had to take so long because I had prayed that he would help me finish everything and be at the post office at 3:30. The thought kept coming to my mind that God always has a reason. Though I was finished the project I felt discouraged that things didn’t work out.

When I got to the post office I grabbed the hard drive, DVD’s and CD’s and started to run inside to get the package shipped and as I started going up to the door and older lady stopped me and said can you get my package for me after you’re finished your business, so I answered, “sure” and hurried inside. She followed me and as I was filling out the papers the post lady said to the lady behind me that she would have to leave and come back on Saturday to get her package cause there wasn’t anyone to help her. She replied back that I was going to help. I quickly got the papers back to the postoffice lady and got the package for the other lady. She was very thankful as I helped her put it into her car and the thought came to me, this is the reason I was late. I quickly ran back to my car and got my tract and gave it to her and she got into her car. I explained that it was personal testimony. She seemed interested, I didn’t have any longer of a conversation, but I believe God had a purpose for me being there right at the time. If I was there before her I would have missed her and if I was there any later she would have pulled away since she was in her car already when I got there. Maybe someday I will here of something exciting because of God setting that meeting up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting being late, but that God’s way is best, God used me to get the tract to the lady and he still helped me get the package in the mail. I’m so glad that God uses humans to do his work. It is such a blessing.

Praising the Lord!