Third Anniversary!

Today makes three years since we drove into Oak Harbor to make it our home for the second time. It seems pretty amazing when I think about it. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday that we were driving over Deception Pass bridge for the first time (this time around that is) and coming back to Bible Baptist Church. I remember driving into town hoping that we would make the Sunday Evening service, but being SO nervous because I hadn’t seen a lot of these people since I was 9! I was very pleased to see some old friends and playmates and to meet some new faces. With all the the Lord has done in my life since then it feels like it’s been even longer than three years! Each year I become more and more grateful to the Lord for bringing us here. It’s also a reminder to me that I can’t see into the future, but because the Lord can, He knows what’s best for me. My desire was to not move here at all. In fact, I was very set against moving here. I wasn’t trusting in the Lord like I should have and became very discontent. I learned my lesson after we got here and I saw the plans that the Lord had laid out for our family. My faith was small but has since been greatly enlarged! 🙂 Now, I am prepared for whatever the Lord has. If it involves another move, staying here, or anything else! I am totally trusting Him. As much as I would LOVE to stay here, I know that if I am only content with what I want I will miss out on the blessings of God.

Usually about this time we start to think about where we will be moving next. That’s a strange thought for me! I feel settled…and no such thoughts have crossed my mind. 🙂 It’s a pleasant feeling that I’ve never had before. I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord does through our family in this church over the next year, and hopefully for many years to come…

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