Yesterday the adventure continued with an outing to Tiger Kingdom.  I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now, so it was quite exciting.  You are given four options of sizes to visit: Smallest, Small, Medium, Large.  You can choose which to be in the cage with, then they allow you to walk around to see the others.  From the outside of course. 🙂

Pookie and I chose the smallest tigers.  Adorable little babies!! They ranged from 2-3 months old and were just so cute! They were so fun to cuddle with.  Of course, they had their little tempers, but they’re in training stage. 

David Martin is here visiting for two weeks and he came with us.  He decided to visit the small tigers, which happened to not be so small!  At 11 months old, they were over six feet when standing on their hind legs!

I’ve spent today preparing to leave, and that’s been very hard yet exciting at the same time.  I’m very happy to see my family and church again, but a piece of my heart is here now and I find it difficult to leave.  Lord willing I’ll be back. 

Pookie was disappointed that I would be missing Songkran Festival, which takes place earlier in the year.  Songkran Festival is the water festival where the entire country douses each other in water for several days.  Ahhh!!  Talk about a water fight!! Well, I was coming out of my room earlier only to be greeted with a very large cup of water being thrown on me! A few minutes later, again as I was coming into the house. Should have been prepared that time! So, I guess you could say that we had our own mini-Songkran Festival here in the house. 😀

Tonight consists of dinner out and then my last Thai massage.  Perfect before a looooong time of traveling.  So, my readers, this is my last blogpost from Thailand.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures and I can assure you, they’re not over yet!