Trying to Build the Busted

You may have had an occasion in your life where you invested your time and money into something which you felt was great endeavor. However you sadly found out later that all the work you invested was worth nothing. I’ve had some of those experiences and they aren’t very fun; matter of fact, they are just downright disappointing. As I read in a book called “Love Not the World” by Watchman Lee, he gave an illustration which will help us to realize what is worthwhile to invest in. We all want to invest in something that will be profitable to us. We don’t want to invest in something which bust later on. I’ve got good and bad news for you. This world is going to pass away…. “Let us suppose that the municipal authorities of Shanghai should decree that the school where you are employed must be closed. As soon as you hear this news you realize there is no future for you in that school. You go on working there for a period, but you do not build up anything for the future there. Your attitude to the school changes the instant you hear it must be close down. Or to use another illustration, suppose the government decides to close a certain bank. Will you hasten to deposit in it a large sum of money in order to save the bank from collapse? No, not a cent more do you pay into it once you hear it has no future. You put nothing in because you expect nothing from it.” Now look at this wicked world from that perspective and you will understand that investing in this life is not going to profit you. Invest your life into the world to come. The benefits of Heaven are eternal rewards, rewards which will never perish. The Bible says that if we invest in that are we will have rewards and eternal life. It is so much easier to look at the things we have in this world and forget about the next world isn’t it. I like what my Pastor talked about a couple weeks ago regarding finances. Our finances should be a means to an end. Why do you work to get money? Are you spending it on yourself or others? If your saving, are you saving for a means to an end of helping spread the gospel or are you saving it for the comforts of this life, an investment into this world is like investing in a crashing bank. You doesn’t have 700 billion or whatever dollars to throw at this world and think it’s going to get better, so use each dollar to invest in the world to come. Well, I hope you got some thoughts about investing in the world. It was a challenge and a blessing to me as I read this section of the book and I hope it was to you as well. I also just wanted to say a public Thank You to Steven for all of his encouraging emails he sends me about my blog posts. He’s been a great inspiration for me to keep blogging =) You can visit his webpage at or you can visit his family website at:
Thanks for reading everyone, Invest in the Best!