Two weeks?

I have been “down and out” sitting on this couch for almost two weeks. Granted, I had a little in between time during which I went skiing. For almost an entire week I was sick with whatever bug was spreading around the island. And I do mean the whole island! I went into Walmart to get some Dayquil and the shelf was almost empty! That’s pretty sad. Once this flu that turned into a cold went away I was all excited. Well enough to go skiing! YAY!

Then what did I get myself into the DAY AFTER I went skiing? Yup….wisdom teeth removal. All four. Brilliant huh? My inability to move had nothing to do with the surgery. Oh no. It came from numerous times of falling off that snowboard. *sigh* I think that soreness has finally ebbed. First day after surgery was a-ok. A little achy, but I was quite pleased with the result. Then came day two. Dundundun. The worst day so far. (That was yesterday). My brother didn’t have issues with nausea so I was surprised to have that come upon me. After a whole day and a half of that, I am feeling on the mend. Now the goal is to get off that prescription pain medication. Mom leaves late tonight then I’ll be left to fend for myself for the rest of my recovery. Becca has been a great little nurse too but it’s just not quite the same as Mom you know? Alrighty, well I thank everyone who has been praying for me. It has helped immensely! Hopefully next time I write I will be all chipper but less “Chipmunk like”. LOL