Story time….

Late this morning I returned from school in time for lunch while everyone else was down at the church doing annual testing. Little Chester was in his kennel since everyone was gone so I brought him out to snuggle while I studied. As I looked down I saw a poor, sad swollen face. And I do mean SWOLLEN! It kind of scared me and the poor guy looked miserable. He was constantly scratching his face on the carpet or with his paw. So, I immediately took him to the vet! I thought it might be allergies but you never know how it will affect breathing etc. Immediately the vet verified that it was an allergic reaction to…….get this…..a bee sting from inside the mouth.  That means that Chester got a hankering for a bee snack and it came back to bite him!  One eye was bigger than the other and almost swollen shut, but after a few shots he was all set to go! I thought of this “silly song” and how Larry’s friend Oscar was “stung by a bee right on the lips!” So now…Chester’s nickname is Usta. 🙂