Victorious Visitation

What an Awesome night!!! and day and week….. 🙂 I’m sorry about not posting any blessings the last week, it has been soo busy, but thats not to say it has been without its blessings!
Tonight we had our church ‘Visitation’. This is where we go around to peoples houses to visit and talk about the Bible, their relationship with Jesus and see if they would like to go to church. I prayed that I would come across somebody that would be interested, because visitation is soooooooooo much more exciting when God works. 🙂 I’m glad to report to you a blessing from visitation 😀 John Nadaskay and I were at our last apartment door and we were considering leaving a flyer, but then I hear some footsteps and instead of leaving the flyer and darting out the opposite door I decided we should wait and see if it was this persons door. SURE ENOUGH, it was his. Needless to say, he seemed quite surprised to see two guys standing by his door, staring bewildered in his direction. I spoke up and asked the obvious, “Do you live here?” He told us that he did and so I handed him the CD, “Can a Scientist Believe the Bible” and also the tract about our church and salvation. He started looking at it and then told us he had just finished listening to that CD which he had got from a CD stand he saw at the South Mall. John offered him the story of Andrew Meadowcroft’s story of salvation on CD and the guy gratefully took it and checked out the times of our church and said he may stop by soon. Exciting hu! Okay, at least I feel that way…there was also one older guy who seemed like he may have very well been saved when he was about fifty years old, he was currently ninety something. I praise the Lord for this great opportunity to meet up with this guy, his name is Chris. If you go to LVBC don’t forget to say hi to him, you can’t miss him, he is quite a tall guy. (Everybody seems tall to me) 🙂
Right now my neck my neck is kind of sore, I didn’t shave till right before visitation and then I just used this face wash which is making my face feel like I rubbed it down with sandpaper 🙂 I’ll have to remember that for next time 🙂

Okay, one more blessing to top it off… I’M FINISHED MINOR PROPHETS 2 🙂 It was a great class. I’m so blessed to have a Bible Institute right at my church.

Have a Great Night Everyone!!!