Video Post Postponed

Hey there, I had a video which I had come across on video the other day which I really wanted to share and I had wrote a post with it which I thought was good, but somehow it disappeared into the digital space. Sooo, I will try to find it and remember what I wrote so its an encouragement to you. Just in case you were wondering if I fell out into space…..Hmm, well I sorta did. The theme for VBS (Vacation Bible School) has been about Space, or in other words, “God’s Love is out of this World.” I’ve been helping as a teacher in VBS this week and today the long week has come to a close. It was truly a blessing though. I loved teaching the class, helping them learn verses and playing games with them. Chris and Nat did a great job with organizing everything and Praise the Lord there were many vistors out.

I’m going to just leave that post with ya’ll today. Have a Great Weekend!