Video Prayer Request

More Exciting News!!!!

Well, ok.. Its not hot off the press, but its been busy today, sooo
that’s my excuse 😉 ok, lame. But, the answered prayer wasn’t. I was
up at 4:30 this morning trying to get my computer to render the final
clip. My rebellious computer continued to display error messages. I
had only one other option… To pray, okay I know I know it should
have been first. I will learn from this lesson.
The reason I say this was of utmost importance us because this
project was due in about 9 hours and it had taken a grand total of
over 26 hours to render the three of the four clips. (could have been
the reason for the rebellion) also, I felt I had totally run out of
options. I prayed and begged God that there would be no more error
messages and after 3.5 hrs. Out popped my fourth and last video clip.
You could imagine my excitement at the fact that video rendered
properly. Theoretically I should have encountered another error
message. I believe God placed that ‘tragedy’ in my life to turn it
into a blessing! Hey! That reminds me of George’s message from Sunday
Night. Coping don’t conquer.
I could have still made the video with 3 of the 4 videos, but to Gods
glory and now my blessing I was able to conquer and now can share with
you what Great things God hath done!!!!

Rejoice and Pray to our Lord brothers and sisters!!