Every once in a while I hop over to www.wayoflife.org, a website by David Cloud. He thoroughly researches topics and has a lot of really good information. Warnings, exhortations, etc. Today I stopped by his site and saw his most recent article. It was of particular interest to me because I have greatly enjoyed the music from West Coast in the past. While I still enjoy the good music they’ve produced in the past, I think it is important that we be aware of the direction they are heading. I hope you’ll take the time to read this article. I personally find it very disappointing. http://www.wayoflife.org/adaptingccm/index.html

4 Comments on “Warning”

  1. Personal opinion: accept everything with discretion…West Coast has also put out some great music! While some other well-known, upstanding “conservative” composers have produced questionable material…
    Take and use what you can! :o)

  2. You may have recognized at least one person in those clips, a former BBC – OH member. It is amazing how powerful music is, and how subtle the devil is!

  3. Jackie, I totally agree. However, I will definitely be more careful from now on before I sing music that West Coast has done. While some of their music is great, others not so much. Upon reading other articles on the matter by David Cloud he pointed out one song that I had particularly liked of theirs (In Christ Alone). I looked it up on youtube from the original writer and I was really surprised to see it was CCM. I am glad now that I know that. Like you said….discretion is so important.

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