Watch Your Tone!

Did your mother ever tell you to watch your tone? You know…it’s not WHAT you say but HOW you say it? Well that has taken on a whole new meaning since we’ve started learning Thai! It’s a tonal language. So almost every word could be said many different ways and have different meaning depending on the tone of voice you use. And yes…that is just a little bit scary. I often find myself stuck because I can remember the word…but not the tone. So therefore, I don’t remember the word exactly and guessing could be detrimental so my relationship with the listener. >_<

But God is faithful! And strengthens us during the study times when we feel like we are going no where with the language. We look forward to being able to communicate on a deeper level than purchasing food at the market and telling someone their child is cute. Can you tell we hear that one a lot? One of the first words we learned was “cute”. Gideon and Chloe seem to attract a lot of attention that way! 😉