We’re Having a Cow!

No, were not upset about anything, actually quite the contrary. My parents decided to purchase in bulk, and by bulk I mean like three large containers of beef right from the farm. Yesterday my family and I all went to a farm about 20 some minutes away with a lot of freezer paper and markers :). Once we got there we met up with four nice guys who were ready to start chopping meat and a half of cow hanging from the rafters. I think Hudson was a little surprised to see a cow in that position 😛 . As we decided the types of cuts we want the guys just kept on chopping and handing us the meat so we could wrap it all up and label it for later.

These guys sure knew everything about food. I can’t number the amount of recipes they talked about while they were cutting. The one guy recommended probably about two different ideas for cooking per meat cut and each recipe was full of lots of adjectives of how great it would taste :).

The three containers we had brought were completely full by the time we were done. As you can imagine a half a cow takes up a lot of space and also is very heavy.

Well, we all had fun wrapping and I’m Thankful that the Lord gave us the opportunity to do this together. Have a Great Day Everyone!