What A Nice Surprise!

When two of your best friends move away it can really change the dynmics of your life.  No more of those late night chats, spontaneous desserts, or intense games of Sorry Card Revenge.  You know…the important things in life! 🙂  While it seems like they have been gone forever, Kali and Maggie have only been gone since the beginning of July.  I have been dying to go over to see them in their new place, but with work it’s been pretty much impossible.  Lately I have been missing them even more!  Sunday night they popped in the during the beginning of the service and surprised everyone!  NO ONE knew they were coming….naughty little girls. hehe

Fighting back tears, I ran over to see them as soon as the service was over.  I just couldn’t believe that they were here!  I asked Maggie where they were staying.  Her response was, “Your house of course!”. hahaha we spent the night chatting away about the old times and the new times.  Monday was a spectacular day!  We slept in (a necessity since it WAS my day off. hehe) and took a picnic to Deception Pass beach.  What a lovely day it turned out to be!  It was slightly chilly if you were in the shade but juuuust right if you were in the sun sitting on the warm sand.  The afternoon was pretty relaxing and of course, we HAD to make dessert for my dad.  Traditions must never be broken. 🙂  After dinner we did a quick drive by their old house.  Glad to see it hasn’t changed too much.  Then Maggie had the brilliant idea to go to Ft. Nugent park.  To do what?  I don’t know exactly!  But we felt a tad shy when we got there and the playground was crawling with young children.  :-p  hmmm….plan B.  We passed Deborah on the way and invited her to join us at my house for a game of Sorry Card Revenge.  There is tradition again!!  But before we could dive into such an intense game we had to get our energy out, and Maggie still had the urge to swing, so we raced down to the church playground. teeheehee  Felt like being a kid again!! We had a grand time doing all those things your mom always told you not to do…you know….climbing up the slide and all those fun things. 🙂  Then came…dundundun….the game.  All I have to say is, Maggie and Deborah are no longer undefeated!!! YEAH!!  I won’t say any more for fear of causing tears on the side of the losing party. 🙂 hehe jk  No….I’m not competitive!

Maggie and Kali, once again, pulled out of town this morning and have made it safely back to their desert of Okanogan. I miss them already!  We had a wonderful time and I felt so blessed to be able to spend time with them again.  As I said in my last post, God is so good to bless me with such wonderful friends.  I love you guys!