What Kind of Year Will You Have?

It’s January and you know what that means!! It’s time to reflect on the previous year. I often find myself evaluating my priorities and setting goals throughout the year but this is definitely a big time for me to start fresh. It’s almost a sigh of relief to turn the calendar page to 2017 and I get a giddy feeling thinking about all the new things that will happen this year. Even though I’m sure I have no idea right now!

Do you find yourself using the New Year as a time for evaluation? As I scroll social media I see a lot of comments about whether or not the person had a good year or if it was a terrible year, usually accompanied by the many reasons why they believe it to be so. It’s sad to read of the hardships so many have faced this year. People are bearing such large burdens! And then there are those who have had some pretty amazing things happen. I rejoice right alongside you!!

It doesn’t matter what happens this year.
It will be a GOOD year.

All of these things made me ponder what this coming year may hold for me and whether it will be a “good” or “bad” year. And I realized that it doesn’t matter what happens this year. It will be a GOOD year. You might be asking, “How can you be so confident? What if something really bad happens to you or your family?” And my answer would be that the choice is completely mine. It’s solely determined by how I view God. You see, God is ALWAYS good. Yes it may be a hard year. There may be some things that come up that are incredibly difficult for me to handle. But it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. Seeking God’s will every single day puts me in the safest spot I can be and I know that whatever happens is GOOD. “Hard” does not equal “Bad”. Going into this year with that perspective will affect how I respond when difficulties come.

I don’t know what the year may hold for you. Only God does! But I can tell you that if you are seeking His will each day that whatever He allows to happen in your life is for your best. Trust Him to handle it and you will have a good year!