What to do When the Bus Breaks Down

Alyssa has now become well acquainted with not only the energetic teens of LVBC, but also common break downs of our buses. Many of the exciting long trips to other states have been accompanied by our buses breaking down. It’s these type of adventures which make the trip even more memorable. One activity which we wouldn’t have done unless we broke down is make a music video (or two) on the turnpike. With all of Titus and my Apple gear in hand (2 iPhones, 1 iPad and a Macbook Pro) we gathered a group of excited volunteers and began to “roll the film”. I hope you enjoy these two videos which were done in ONLY 1 TAKE! Impressive actors 🙂 (specially one in particular 🙂

Do Re Mi – EBA Girls & Alyssa

We Shall Rise – LVBC Girls