What to Think?

Well guys and gals, this blog isn’t as “blessed” as most of the other blog posts. I’m praying though that I will discover the lesson which the Lord is trying to teach me and if you are “on praying ground” I would appreciate your prayers for me as well. I simply don’t know how I made it through this week. Honestly, I had so much pressure from an unexpected overload of work more pressure than I ever remember having. I was physically shaking inside from the amount of work that got suddenly put on me and the deadlines that were for these last couple days. Somehow (God be praised) I amazingly finished almost all the work and actually have time to write this blog.

However on top of this when I woke up to turn off my alarm I came to the startling realization that my room was flooded. I turned the lights on and found three to four inches of water covering the entire basement. Thankfully the two power surge protectors and other wires that were lying all over my floor did not send power through the water. Later when I moved my laptop upstairs and plugged in the power to my external hard drive I found that power connector that goes to my hard drive was fried because it was floating in the water, actually more like sunk in the water. Just so you know… That was very scary, because the large project I had due that was causing me the most stress was all in that hard drive and it was not backed up. I quickly drove over to staples then ran over to Radio Shack the whole time praying and found the power cord I needed. Again, Praise the Lord I was able to complete a whole bunch more of that project AND BACK IT UP =). All I can say is that the verse about not knowing what a day may bring forth is definitely true.

As for my room tonight I do not know where I’m going to sleep because all of the carpeting needed to be removed from the basement because it was so soggy. I forgot the mention the cause of the flooding, yes, the rain, but the main reason was the guys who did the paving the other day at our house for the new garage got stone into the sump pump pipe and the water pressure became too much for it to handle and it just flipped the breaker and the water poured into the house. There was so much water in the basement. Tom Hammond found a salamander under my weight set. 🙂 Most likely my sister will be posting some pictures so you will have to check out her blog because I’m still not up to date with posting pix on the blog yet 🙂 I will someday, I promise 🙂

There are some other issues that aren’t resolved yet that are still weighing heavy on me which I can’t write just yet. I look forward to writing how the Lord resolves them and then I’ll probably tell you all 🙂

Have a Good Day!