Whats Up!

Hello Everyone,

It has been awhile since I have taken the time to write a post. A lot has been going on and I’ll try to share with you some of the recent highlights of the blessings in my life 🙂

1. Almost a Complete House

After seven months of work on the house, we are finally getting settled back into “normal” life. The house is really beautiful, I’m really thankful that the Lord has given my parents the finances to do this project. In addition to that, you may remember when I told you about my room getting flooded and such. Well, it just came to my mind that there was a part to that story that I left out because, well, it was kind of depressing, but not it is a really cool blessing. =)

Just to jog your memory, back in December the pavement guys were working on our driveway and extending it a little further to attach to the new garage. Well, in the process they ended up clogging the pipe which came to the side of the driveway. The pipe was the one which connected to the sump pump in the basement, and as you probably guessed, that night rained poured so hard that night and the pump was unable to continue to pump the water out and stopped working.

That week as I had told you about I was working on an extremely strenuous project because the client I was working for cut the time frame they gave me in less than half and told me I needed the project done in a week. Just to give you a glimpse of the size of the project. It was ten 1 Hour DVD’s that needed to be produced. Also, the guy who I subbed a portion of the work out was having a hard time keeping up with the new deadline and then called me to tell me I needed to pay him an additional $250 for the rush delivery. Understanding that you can probably imagine the feeling on Friday morning (Project due on Monday) when I got up and found my brand new apple laptop I had for five days submerged in water and found out my external hard drive for the project I was working on wouldn’t open on my old laptop. Yes…

okay, so now you are up to speed. I found out a month later that the insurance would definitely take care of 100% of the Laptop!!! . That was such a blessing because, as you know, Apple laptops ain’t cheap. 🙂 So here I am three months later typing on my new laptop and finally back in my room with new carpeting. All the carpeting had to be replaced because there was so much water. Though it was nice being with my brother in his room, sleeping on an air mattress in a tiny room gets old quick. So I am quite elated being in such a nice room. That’s blessing #1

#2 My Prayer List App

I was able to release a new version of my iPhone application, “My Prayer List”. Though it’s obviously not a hot seller like the other games out there. It seems to have been a blessing to a number of people. I’ve got some very kind comments from people.

#3 My Family

It has been so nice to sing and play songs with my family. We just got back from a campground and played a whole slew of songs for two senior citizens outings. The one was right in Macungie, PA and the other was in Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The first group was about 200 or so and other group was about 300 more or less. There is actually another one coming up this Thursday, and I’m not sure where that one is located 🙂 My mother does the scheduling for these events. It is a great team effort on all of us to put together these “performances”. My little brother Hudson is joining the group now and boy does he sing out nice and loud. I love it. I can’t imagine what life would be like without my little munchkin. He has changed my families life so much.

I hear that some families have a hard time getting along with each other and really dislike each other. Thankfully I can say that though we do sometimes have differences 🙂 We have all really got over it and drawn closer to each other. I can honestly say that I love ALL of my family. =D

Okay, there are a whole lot of blessings in life, but I’m going to leave it off here. I’m going to do my best to keep more up to date, because writing this blog is a blessing to me. Have a Great Day Everyone!