Whidbey Weather

The weather has been quite interesting these past couple of days. It’s been rainy and bleak, but that’s pretty normal for this time of year on Whidbey. The wind, however, has been intense! Monday night, my family and I were heading back into town from doing some shopping and noticed that Southern Oak Harbor was blacked out. Well, if they are out of power out in town, then we are most likely out of power, I thought. Sure enough, our street was completely dark.

One aspect of a power outage that is fun (probably the only thing) is that you can light a bunch of candles! My room smelt heavenly. 🙂 I gathered several onto my nightstand and read by candle light. Now I can assure that if we had internet that would not have been happening, but it was kind of nice to do something different for a change. I went to bed early that night, but woke up in the middle of the night to a huge popping sound and lights outside my window. I peeked out my blinds and saw a transformer down at the church blowing. GREAT! I thought. My mom and I ventured down to the church to make sure there wasn’t a fire, and that was my adventure for the night. 🙂 Because of the transformer blowing we still didn’t have power the next morning. It came on around noon. However, still no internet. I am blogging from work before I start my shift. It is even more windy today than it was Monday night so who knows what will happen. It’s definitely a blustery day on Whidbey!