Who is Giving the Water?

Another opportunity to preach presented itself for me today. I wasn’t really ready for it since I wasn’t called upon to preach until late the previous afternoon. I’m going to take this as a lesson to have more messages ready :)However, Praise to the Lord I felt like He gave me a pretty nifty message which I enjoyed preaching. The title was “Who is Giving the Water?” and it was about the story of when Jesus encountered the woman at the well in Samaria. Without going into the message with detail, the basic gist of the message was that woman was thinking she was going to have to give water to the Lord when really the situation was the opposite, Christ was offering her living water. The conclusion was that those that are lost think that they need to give Christ their water, or in other words they have to live a good life. They look at it grudgingly like the Samaritan woman did, but then she realized that the lesson was not upon her doing anything, it was upon her receiving the living water of salvation.

No matter how many cups of water that women gave Jesus, if she never asked for that living water she would be in hell today. But, because she realized that the lesson being taught her was not about religions, Jews verses Samaritans and it wasn’t about her being a good person and giving Jesus a drink. It was about her realizing that she needed to receive the living waters and that is the only way she would never thirst again. Today she is in heaven rejoicing not in that she gave Christ water, but because Christ gave her living water! Who is Giving the Water?

I liked the lesson, and I found it so awesome how God can bring bring a lesson like this to my mind even when it was on quick notice 🙂 . Another blessing I had today was that I had a headache all day, ok, that was my blessing, but it was a blessing that now I feel like my headache is gone and I can enjoy writing this blog to ya’ll. 🙂

Oh, Oh, I almost forgot, another blessing. It has been really great playing instruments, singing and stuff with my family because we were all able to go together to the nursing home and be a blessing to them. Needless to say the people at the Nursing home enjoy that stuff and quite a few of the staff came out to hear the song “Touring that City” until the song was interrupted by a loud beeping sound which all the nurses went running to answer and turn off the buzzer a couple minutes later… 🙁 lol Anyway it was a great time. Enjoy your day and Thanks for reading my big blessing blog, haha 🙂