Who’s Your Hero?

We live in a world of honored men and women. People who make their mark in history by doing things that others have only dreamed of accomplishing. Who are these people today? Are they the businessmen? The Politicians? The Sports Stars? While some of these have made some tremendous feats, they are not my heros.

Who are my heroes, you ask? One would be my Dad. Despite the demands of the NAVY, he chooses to put the Lord first. While overseas he continues to train for the ministry, during a time when most others would lay out worthy excuses. He’s passionate about things, but firm when he knows it’s best for you.

Another hero would be my mom. The life of a military wife is not an easy one. Frequent separations with four little rascals to take care of. 🙂 And all while serving our Lord and seeking to please Him.

My other heroes are put into a group. Those would be the missionaries and evangelists. I have just finished reading To The Golden Shore: The Life of Adoniram Judson. What an amazing book! I encourage every person to read it. Our world is full of men and women who have dedicated their lives and sacrificed that nations and people groups might hear the Good News. Adoniram Judson was bombarded with obstacles as he made his way to Burma. He made more sacrifices than any person would ever want to make. Because of his faithfulness, Burma has the Word of God in their language. This has opened the door for other missionaries to go in and work with the Burmese people. Even now, the Gaudets are working with Judson’s translation. All of this because Judson and three others gave their entire lives, knowing they wouldn’t return to America. What are we willing to give? These are the people who deserve to be called “Heroes”. I know many of them do not desire the title, and no, we are not to put our trust in men. But these are the people who have made a lasting difference in the world!

Who’s your hero?