Why be a Worthless Worldling?

Please read this excerpt which I thought was really good. It’s quite despairing to see Christians who think they know everything about the Bible and act like the world and see nothing wrong with it. The devil has deceitful tactics to set in darkness those that are lost. I’m thankful that many of the members in my church are concerned about living holy and godly living and have restrained themselves in many lustful attractions for the flesh. But, as I was reading this message by Charles Spurgeon based on the verse Psalms 18:23, “…I kept myself from iniquity.” He really brought out how we each our our own iniquity and that sin will wiggle its way into your life if you are not careful. It was a great, challenging message. Just like gaining weight it all starts with one pound, the way to getting to look like a worldling is just one unwatched sin, which stealthily will slip in an unguarded gateway.

“Brethren we want to show the world what grace can do, and every member of the church ought to feel that he is put upon his behaviors to prove what the grace of God has done in him. What credit is brought to Christ by professed Christians who are so like worldings that, if you put them under a miroscope, you could not tell the difference between them? If you can do what worldings do, you shall go at last where worldlings go. If grace does not make you to differ from them, it is not the grace of God, it is all a sham. We ought to feel that Christ’s honour is in danger by our ill behavior, and so live that we can glorify our Father who is in heaven by our good works, keeping ourselves from iniquity.”

by Charles Spurgeon