Why do you Glory?

One of the top phrase that gets me upset is the phrase which some Christians use to excuse their sin and that is they are under grace. I am a strong proponent of the verse. How shall we sin that grace should abound? This subject was brought up to me as I read in 1 Corinthians 5 recently, thankfully I haven’t heard this excuse for sin from a Christian for a very long long time, but this reminder to not make excuses for sin still remains. Now the reason for the topic of this blog post is in verse six and it says that this glorying this church had in that they could sin and be forgiven was “Not Good” . Now as I studied into these verses with my friend we pulled out some good questions and that started off with this thought, how ineffective is a church that preaches forgiveness of sin yet lives like the world to attract the world. I say absolutely ineffective. Yet how does a church like this one become so much in sin and become ineffective? It was through the passivness of allowing one sin to slip through the cracks. This thought is heavy because it is easy to be like, “awe come on, this isn’t to bad and beside God has forgiven me” and soon we are sin again and again and sear our conscious which God has put in us till wrong looks right and right looks wrong. It’s a horrible position. Take the advice from the Bible, purge that leaven (which is a picture of sin). To purge means to take something bad out and replace with something good. There is no reason to glory while living in sin, but O can we can rejoice when the Lord when we are living in victory over sin and we see the pleasure of God upon our life. That is glory. Now this church received a command which we should heed. In verse nine it says, ” I wrote to you in an epistle, not to company with fornicators” the list of sinful people goes on. Bottom line, do not hang around with those that are enjoying sin. The worlds wisdom even agrees with this point, you’ve heard the phrases that who you hang out with you will become like. When you have friends that enjoy ungodly movies, people that share unholy music or speak lightly of God. For example, have you ever watched a video that caused you to cringe because of something not right in it , but you shook it off and then a later video which was also not good, didn’t cause you to feel as guilty… That’s a little leaven which will destroy your discernment of sin.
Stay away from those people or programs. They are leaven in your life which will only breed more sin and cause you start thinking of good as evil and evil as good. Remember Adam and Eve? Eve hung out with the serpent and all of a sudden the fruit looked good for her and Gods protection on her life looked like a barbed wire fence keeping her from the pleasures she wanted to enjoy.

  • Guard your eyes
  • Guard your thoughts
  • Guard every area of your life

… for if you allow sin to creep in soon your life will be destroyed. Trust the Word of God, and don’t make excuses for your flesh.

Dont glory in sin but, Reject sin and Repent of sin