With the Right Tools…

Just about two years ago I was gifted a lineup of wonderful electric tools at my bachelor party. I felt so giddy inside when I opened those tools because I knew all of the regular projects I would need to do around the house, but what excited me more was the specialty projects I could work on. Just the other week I was able to work on this type of project and this is what I created…

Since my baby girl is on her way, Alyssa and I needed to do some reshuffling of our rooms. We knew this move was coming in our life, but the work we knew would be involved kept us from tackling it. However, with the clock beginning its tick towards delivery and my wife being the early bird sort, the project began immediately after we made our special announcement.

One of the changes in the house was that of converting the garage into my gym room/work room. Getting a work bench was a necessity as the old one which came with the house was a unbecoming heavy block of metal. After listing that workbench on Craigslist for free and finally getting a taker, I perused the Pinterest database for a suitable workstation to organize my tools. Pinterest is an amazing source of creative ideas. I was so giddy to start the project as a young kid anticipating their birthday. Thankfully my awesome brother Titus used his truck to transport all the large boards I would need for the project.

I won’t prolong this post any further, but I hope some of you men have also had the joy of experiencing putting together your own creative home projects. I would love to hear of any projects you may have accomplished recently! It may just inspire me towards a new project of my own. 🙂

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