Working Outside

Today was our “spring cleaning” outside.  Everything looks SO much better.  We did tons of weeding and working in the garden.  It was really nice to get my hands in the dirt again.  Usually by this time of year I’ve done tons of gardening but since I don’t work at the Holly Farm anymore I’ve barely worked outside!  That’s what happens when the books are waiting I guess.  It really got me in the mood to garden and I can’t wait to go pick out annuals for this year!  And of course it’s always fun to watch the perennials come back fuller and bigger each year.  Even though I’ll be gone for almost the whole summer I am hoping to get my hands dirty as much as possible between now and then. 🙂 Welcome Spring!!

 The dogs enjoyed the time playing outside! At one point Chester decided to chase an earthworm down a hole and began to dig furiously.  Of course, we can’t have that in the garden so we stopped him. But it was funny to watch.  I also thought it was funny that in the pictures I took of BOTH of them they had their tongues out. Buck’s takes the cake though. 😀